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 We have been in business for over 55 years in Tsukuba.
Established as an auto repair shop in 60s', and we started a buisiness of used car selling since 1978.

While we  have been keeping long-term and watching over the change in Tsukuba ,and it grew up

as an international city.We made our motto "Trust and peace of mind" ,and then  our service has been loved by people in this town  for a long time.
We are not good at to use  English .But ,we want you to know us and our services to have a comfortable car life in Japan  for english speakers and  foreigners in here .

We hope to see you soon!!

We haven't gotten used to English much, but we will effort to understand.
If you want to ask something, please send a massage by this form!!
Feel free to contact us. Thank you!!




Auto loan
ETC set up service
 Auto Insurance Just in case of your car accident.
Used Car Auction Middleman Service

If you want to buy a car and you can't find ,

we can help to find the car that you're looing for,

by Used Car Auction of the trade.
Many people use this system to get desired car !

EVERY DAY about 30000 cars throughout Japan